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Welcome to our web site: We are keen to provide relevant information on the ancient nation and people of Sindh. Their customs, traditions, ancestors, history, geography etc.

The Hindu Sindhi people were pushed out of our home & land
at short notice at the time of the India / Pakistan partition in
1947.  This event, was one of several disturbances that
preceded it due to the geographic location and the historical
events of past centuries.

Today the Sindhis  are scattered all over the world yet they are mostly successful no matter where they are. This resilience has is roots in their past!.

Please take a few moment to register, your information will not
be sold or distributed to others. We wish to enable the
Sindhi people to network with each other and learn from each
other more about our past. Perhaps this networking will enable
use to build on our strengths for a brighter future for all!

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